Osteopenia / Osteoporosis

Avoid a high phosperous diet, as for every gram of phosperous we eat or drink, the body must match that with an equal amount of calcium, and if enough is not available from the diet, it is pulled from the bones. Lots of sodas have high phosphorous, so avoid them. Eating too much meat will also tend to leach minerals from your bones, so make sure you try to balance meat with enough vegetables and take extra magnesium. Milk does the same thing as meat, and studies show that those who drink more milk have more fractures than those who avoid milk (Yaddira 2007).

Calcium supplementation also increases brain glutathione levels in women. (This is a good thing). A good combination supplement is Cal Mag Citrate, which has both calcium citrate and magnesium citrate in equal amounts. It is available in both capsule and powder form. Adequate calcium intake also helps to decrease certain heavy metal absorption.

Recommended Supplements:

Magnesium (see magnesium information page)
Calcium, preferred as calcium citrate. Avoid coral or oyster shell calcium due to heavy metal contamination.
Zinc picolinate 25 to 50 mcg with dinner
Strontium 250 to 750 mg daily (Take separately from calcium and magnesium)
Vit D3 5000 IU for adults, 2000 IU for children. Ok to skip if you get enough sun that day.
Vit K2 45 mcg daily
Vanadium may also be useful

Taking all these can be just as if not more effective at building or rebuilding bone than many prescription medications, and with much fewer risks and side effects.

Revised 12/20/2011

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