Food and Misc Toxicity List

Alfalfa sprouts: are now GMO, thanks to Monsanto. Wholefoods has sold out to Monsanto and will no longer oppose GMO foods.

Apples: High in pesticide residue. Skin or buy organic.

Apple juice: Even organic juices can have high levels of lead and arsenic. Wholefood's has tested higher than Walmart's brand.

Atrazine: Is sprayed on corn, sorghum, sugarcane, pineapple, citrus, golf courses, and lawns.

Beef, commercial: Second highest contamination after farmed salmon. Eat only grassland or organic.

Butter: US butter can be contaminated with Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) from the wrapping paper. Butter worldwide is contaminated with PCBs. Only eat organic butter.

Chicken: Arsenic in non-organic chicken

Eggs: starting to see PCBs in eggs. Some organic eggs have more dioxin than non-organic eggs.

Flame retardants: are genotoxic. PBDEs are hard to get rid of.

Grape juice: Can have high levels of arsenic.

Lettuce: High in pesticide residue. Organic lettuce grown in SW USA during winter months may be contaminated with perchlorate due to water supply.

Lipstick: L'Oreal, Maybelline, Cover Girl and NARS rank amongst the top 10 brands most contaminated with lead.

Peanuts:can be contaminated with aflatoxin. Avoid peanut butter.

Pears: High in pesticide residue. Skin or buy organic.

Plastic Bottles: BPA free is not totally safe. Numbers 3 and 7 are more likely to leach pthalates.

Rice: Up to 10% of rice grown in China can be contaminated with cadmium. Also arsenic.

Salmon, farmed:Very high in PCBs due to contaminated feed. Only eat wild salmon (will be a named species. If not named do not believe it). Also beware of other farmed fish. There is no real wild Atlantic salmon.

Shellfish: Cadmium (shrimp highest). Arsenic.

Strawberries: High in pesticide residue. Only eat if organic.

Tattoo ink: heavy metals including cadmium in the inks

Turkey cooked in plastic oven bags: watch out for the plasticizers. Phthalates are cleared by glucuronidation.

Water: Atrazine, a weed killer, is tied to menstrual irregularities and low hormones. Golf courses and about 75% of cornfields in the midwest in US are treated with atrazine each year. Chlorine is in municipal water and swimming pools (filter it out or avoid). Fluoride is also in some municipal water. Lately, hexavalent chromium has also found its way into municipal water supplies. Reverse osmosis is effective. Mountain Slope Water has had positive reviews. Zero Water is ion-exchange and also claims to filter chromium. Chicago water has high amounts of lead.

Wheat: Monsanto (the devil) is now having farmers spray Roundup onto the wheat crop at harvest time to quickly kill all the wheat at once so as to speed the process of harvesting. Care for a little wheat in your Roundup?

Updated 3/1/2012

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